samedi 10 octobre 2009

Un Jeton pour vos Chaussures ! One Token for your Shoes!

Before entering the Golden Temple, please remove your shoes. You will be provided with a token. Hand made certainly.
Avant d'entrer au Temple d'Or, prière de laisser vos chaussures. Un jeton vous sera remis à l'entrée. Fait main sans nul doute.

5 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

To be honest, it's alluring to me, to leave barefoot.
A wonderful weekend for you.

Pierre des Indes a dit…

Tout a fait d'accord avec Robert !

K'line Bloom a dit…

Hello Loulou,
Alors, cette expo photo ?

jeff a dit…

Superbe jeton qui peut être utiliser comme médiator ensuite pour te jouer une douce mélodie à la guitare Loulou...!...:-)

Bises bisous et...bises


Owen a dit…

If it's a pick for a guitar, we just need to see the guitar now, then I'll sit down and play you all a tune or too... although I guess in India it would more likely be a sitar ? Hmm, haven't seen any photos of beautiful Indian musical instruments in these pages, unless I'm forgetting something... there must be some street musicians around, no ? Perhaps ? I missed a few days there, but cannot stay away for too long, the addiction is too strong. The lady in rose by the water is beautiful, mysterious, joyous... merci Loulou et à bientôt...