samedi 24 octobre 2009

Chanter pour la Foule - To sing for the Crowd, Amritsar

This series of shots was taken by my husband
Cette série a été prise par mon époux

Crowd at the entrance of Golden Temple
Foule à l'entrée du Temple d'Or

Tomorrow, there will be shots from another area... stay tuned!
Dès demain, rendez-vous pour de nouveaux clichés d'ailleurs ! Ne manquez pas ce rdv :-)

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Anonyme a dit…

One feels his passion for sure.

A weekend filled with lovely voices for you.

Owen a dit…

Something vaguely troubling about the knife in a sheath at his waste, and the people all with bowed, covered heads, no faces visible among them, something submissive about it... I couldn't help wondering if he sometimes uses the knife for sacrificial rites ? Wish we had the sound to hear him singing so we could get a better feel for the vibrations going on there... any idea what he was singing about ?

JL LEAL a dit…



Loulou a dit…

@ Robert: passion and obsession, definitely! His voice was enchanting.... take care

@ Owen: The crowd was waiting at the entrance of the Golden Temple, they were still and quiet, and so so so many! The man was singing the great prayer book of Sikh religion and that was really nice to hear, enchanting. The knife is part of the "5 k", they should ALWAYS wear: kirpan (knife), kara (bracelet), kach (short trousers), kang (comb in the hair) and kesh (long hair and long beard). A unique memory for us for sure! see you my dea Owen!

@ JL: gracias, especially for the three magical "Great" :-)

Anonyme a dit…

Moudjahidine? Une charpente solide, bonne surprise, félicitations.