lundi 12 octobre 2009

Suivre les Gurus - To Follow the Gurus

The followers of Sikhism are ordained to follow the teaching of the Ten Sikh Gurus, as well as the holy scripture entitled the Guru Granth Sahib.

La doctrine du sikhisme se base sur les enseignements spirituels des Dix Gurûs, recueillis dans le texte sacré Guru Granth Sahib.

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jeff a dit…

Et ils ont combien de followers.. eux !... Non, c'est stupide de ma part Loulou !
J'aime ces portraits qui sont d'une facture simpliste, naïve mais très fédératrice ! ! ! Hauts en couleurs... les couleurs de l'arc en ciel, de la vie ! ! ! Hein Loulou...!...

Bises bella ( C ) !
Bonne semaine qui arrive à grands pas !
Bisous peace love et... un peu plus pour toi !...;-)

Anonyme a dit…

Many times I think that time when men did wear beards, was better than now.

A wonderful week for you kai se efxaristo gia tin parea stin athina. (and I'd like to thank you for your company in athens.)

Owen a dit…

I wonder how the sign with the faces was made... was it hand painted ? My first impression is it looks like it was printed, perhaps mass produced ? Not sure I'm crazy about mass produced religious images, there's something a little too clean almost here, not sure how inspired I'd be to follow just based on these images... But the texture in the column the sign is posted on is good...

JL LEAL a dit…

Fantastic picture!

The mix of the arm and the look of the table is great.

Jasmine a dit…

You have a beautiful blog. Thanks for stopping by :)

Loulou a dit…

@ Jeff: quelques millions simplement :-)

@ Robert: have you ever tried to wear beard? take care

@ Owen: hand painted? here I don't think so. Sikhism is well followed in India, and Amritsar i sthe religious "capital" for sikh pilgrims. See you

@ JL leal: thank you :-)

@ Jasmine: thank you Jasmine, my pleasure!