mercredi 9 septembre 2009

"Tourist and Photography Quizz" by Yanidel

Dear friends of Indiaphragme, I am happy to share with you one of the latest post of Yanidel on his amazing "Street Photography in Paris" blog, related to tourists and their relationship to photography depending on their nationality. You may agree or simply disagree, but I liked his "eye"! One day, I'll tell you more about the Indian tourist photographer, I promise.
It's here.

Chers amis d'Indiaphragme, je suis heureuse de partager avec vous l'un des deniers posts de Yanidel (visistez son magnifique blog intitulé "Street Photography in Paris"), relatif aux touristes et leur rapport à la photographie selon leur nationalité. Vous pouvez être d'accord, pas d'accord, en tout cas, pour ma part j'ai aimé son regard ! C'est ici.
Un jour, je vous parlerai du photographe touriste indien. Promis.

Take care, Loulou

2 commentaires:

Patricia a dit…

This is by far the most amusing quiz that I have taken. We have a lot of tourists here in Washington, but not as chic as though that travel to Paris.

Owen a dit…

I took a quick look, seems like plenty of fun happening there...