lundi 21 septembre 2009

One Stunning Year at Magic Lantern Show!

Let's celebrate and enjoy the inspiring "plume" of Owen, my dear counterpart and blogger from thousands of kilometers!
Creative, funny, nostalgic, looking for the "Dream House" - which is part of all of us, sad, poetic (his poems are treasured by us all), rich by reflections, his show is a journey you'll never want to stop once you start!
Should you NOT BE following his amazing blog yet, please see here.
A ta santé Owen!

3 commentaires:

Owen a dit…

Now who is "too much"? Big smiles and champagne all around... thanks a zillion !

Namasté !

Grazie mille !

Muchas gracias !

Humblement... Merci Loulou !

jeff a dit…

Et on boit un coup sans rien dire...:-)))
Au fait, bonne fête Owen !
Pas vu la "couleur" du champagne !...;-)

K'line Bloom a dit…

Je me joins à vous pour lever mon verre, Congrats Owen!