lundi 14 décembre 2009

Transport Insolite - Unusual Transportation

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AmyR a dit…

Wow, I bet one car hear that vehicle coming from a long way away. And if not, you can definitely see it from a distance. Pretty colors!

jeff a dit…

Il ne manque pas la cabine par hasard ? ! ?... Mais peut-être qu'ils la rajoutent par la suite ?... J'aime beaucoup les chaînes colorées qui pendent devant la calandre ! ! !... Pour ramasser les papiers ?



JL LEAL a dit…


louciao a dit…

I think that's known as trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. And they've almost succeeded! Very special.

Chapa a dit…

Imagination truck!

Anonyme a dit…

Il n'y manque rien, tout y est , c'est complet ! Alors bonne route !

Anonyme a dit…

Agree, that it must be quiet a sound to hear it in movement.
Looking at the right front of it, provides as well an answer, that the sign in its origin was of a good nature.
Please have a nice and colourful start into the new week.

Owen a dit…

Oooohh, I love it.

But then you knew I would.

Missing you just a little bit, but know you are busy busy busy making all this fabulous photos and taking care of family and all the rest.

Take care Loulou


ArtSparker a dit…

So pretty.

Babzy a dit…

Vraiment incroyable :)

Corina a dit…

Fabulous picture and fabulous blog :-)

gemma a dit…

I enjoy your photographs.

Loulou a dit…

@ Amy: certainly! thanks for your visit, take care

@ Jeff: s'il ne manquait que la cabine.... :-)
Toutes ces couleurs et accessoires, un bonheur !

@ JL Leal; "wow" for the noise of the engine? :-)

@ Loucia: Very special, not to say unique indeed!

@ Chapa: full of dreams! gracias

@ Suzanne: hmmm, je ne m'y tenterais guère sur les routes dangereuses de l'Inde ;-)

@ Robert: as always, you can see beyond things.... thanks, take care

@ Owen: héhé, yes, I knew it!!!! :-)
I am not so absent!!!!! I can read all you can write, even if don't comment always, remember it ;-)
Take care too
see you

@ ArtSparker: YES, THANK YOU

@ Babzy: c'est vrai. Ce pays n'est pas au bout de nos suprises, vous et moi y compris !

@ Corina: thank you Corina, lovely from you, thanks for your visit

@ Gemma: thank you so much, please come back

Seyma a dit…

wow are those real for god's sake??