dimanche 6 décembre 2009

Régime de Bananes - Banana Regimen

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...Seyma... a dit…

i loved the contrast in this pic!!

it's really fascinating :)


.:: Karine ::. a dit…

mon fruit préféré :-)
merci loulou !

Álvaro a dit…

Light and shadows sharing the frame. Perfect.
Greetings from Spain.

Anonyme a dit…

Impressionnant à voir quand on ne connaît pas un régime de banane !

Owen a dit…

Ooooh, you drive me bananas with photos like this one... just look at all the texture in that wall there !!! And you thought you could distract me by holding up a bunch of bright yellow bananas ?!

Babzy a dit…

Wow , la couleur est extraordinaire , en plein lumière , une vrai star la banane !

JL LEAL a dit…

It's impressive the way you are capable of surprising us day after day with your pictures, and since we do see Indian much closer.
Loulou Congratulations!

Loulou a dit…

@ Seyma: thank you, lovely from you! take care

@ Karine: et une banane, une alors !

@ Alvaro: gracias por tu visita! ciao

@ Suzanne: très esthétique n'est-ce pas ? bises, à bientôt

@ Owen: I did my best but your eye is terrible !!!! :-) take care

@ Babzy: la banane au coeur de la vie locale !

@ JL Leal: well I do my best ;-) More seriously, I am the one who is surprised by this amazing country, believe it or not. Take care

Roxana a dit…