samedi 23 mai 2009

Eclat de rire à Delhi - With a Peal of Laughter in Delhi

Hier à Karol Bagh, nord-ouest de Delhi.
Karol Bagh district, North-west of Delhi, yesterday.

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jeff34 a dit…

T'as vu un peu ce que tu as fait à cet enfant !... 8D
Tes photos nous rendent meilleurs Loulou ! ( mon dieu que c'est beau ! )

A bien tôt !...

Paris a dit…

What a GREAT capture! I really love it! So pure and innocent - reflecting life and joy.

Owen a dit…

Joyous ! Ok, so what did you say to her to make her laugh like that???

Anonyme a dit…

Beautiful photo, it sure made me smile!

Laguardia a dit…

This is a wonderful and beatiful photo. Congratulations.

A child smiling is always a happy sight

mo'ikeha a dit…

Can hear the laughing sound even here. Being tired returning home, once I hear my son laugh, all seems to be gone.

Loulou a dit…

@ Jeff: t'as raison, c'est TROP beau, trop de beauté tue.... ;-)

@ Paris: she was lovely you are right

@ Owen: yep! Well, I just told her her portrait would be published within Indiaphragme, then Magic Lantern Show etc, she didn't want to believe it! :-)

@ Rain: so did I!

@ Laguardia: yes, and life is beautiful

@ mo'ikeha: definitely, and we should treasure that, always!