dimanche 29 novembre 2009

Charity Sale Exhibition

A Huge Thank You Note for those who were able to come and visit us today during the French mela in Delhi. We were happy to meet with you for this very unique occasion.
A special thank you to those who kindly bought some of our pictures. Your contribution to Main Tendue, the French Charity committee, is more than critical at this time of the year (key support to children in particular).
Please visit the photoblogs of my friends, Arnaud (Random Shots) and Pierre (Flagrant Delhi), they were both at the photo exhibition today.
Should you be interested in receiving further information related to upcoming exhibition event, please drop me a note.
Thank you

1 commentaire:

Pierre des Indes a dit…

Thanks to you Loulou - and we all hope to be able to renew such kind of event soon !