vendredi 12 juin 2009

Le Motard offrira des Fleurs jaunes - The Biker will offer some Yellow Flowers

Tribute to Owen and Jeff (one "dog blog or blog dog", one door, well of glass I know and especially... Reflection!)
Dédicace à Owen et Jeff (Ici chien des rues, porte en verre certes... et... surtout réflection !)
Defence Colony Market this morning (my neighbourhood)

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ArtSparker a dit…

What does that dog have/know that I don't?

jeff34 a dit…

L'a l'air un little cansado ton dog ! Il tire la même langue que moi quand il voit le blog de Loulou ou bien...!... Mais quel honneur d'avoir une dédicace de la part de toi Loulou !
Dans tous les cas, le motard semble bien se marrer !... et le mec en bleu à droite en premier plan, c'est qui ? Un flic ?
Ahlala Loulou ! Loulou ! Comme j'aime m'entendre répéter ce nom, Loulou !
Merci infiniment Lou lou ! merci ! Namasté ! Non, ça veut dire bonjour... Comment dit-on merci en hindou ?
Thankx !... et bisous !....;')

David a dit…

This is a great picture. I like the reflection in the glass. The dog is just funny! Thanks

Anonyme a dit…

C.U.T.E.!!! Loulou, pls drop in soon, I think you must find my new post nice...

Unseen Rajasthan a dit…

This Is a fantastic shot! Great onr...Also I Have Started My Own Website And Would Like You To Have A Look At It.I Would Love To Have Your Comments On That Also.Unseen Rajasthan

Kcalpesh a dit…

Nice reflection captured in this picture!! :-)

Owen a dit…

Love the way the dog is just flaked out against the window there, I'm wondering if it was hot out and maybe the glass felt cool to him ?

Ahhhh ... ... A reflection photo with a dog in it ! ! ! ... as well as a crystal chandelier and flowers for us all... if you keep sharing photos like this with us, you'll have us all hooked forever... oh, oops, I already am.

Oh well, there could be worse fates than getting addicted to Indiaphragme.

And Jeff is quite funny here with his numerous "Loulou", but I'll tell you a little secret... my youngest daughter is named Lucie, and since she was very little we always called her Lulu... so Loulou just comes naturally. Also one of my very most favorite all time songs ever is an old piece of folk music from America called "Been All Around This World", in which there is a line in the second verse which goes : "Lulu, my Lulu, come and open the door, Lulu, my Lulu, come and open the door", so there again, "Loulou" is a nice echo of something familiar and warm.

Thanks a zillion for the nod in this post, namasté :-D

PS Have a wonderful weekend !

PPS After having shared this dog, I'm wondering if there are any cats in India (see last two posts chez moi...)

jeff34 a dit…
Ce commentaire a été supprimé par l'auteur.
jeff34 a dit…
Ce commentaire a été supprimé par l'auteur.
jeff34 a dit…

@ Owen : Merci pour ton éclairage cher Owen... et confidences, mais je ne souhaiterais pas que Loulou lise ça... Le chat que tu as vu sur mon blog est en fait une chatte et son nom est Lilu ! Je te le dis... en vert, en bleu, la vie est faite de nombreuses coïncidences ! "Lulu, come and open the door" ! Je m'en souviendrais ! Hop ! Owen, fais comme si on parlait des chats de ton blog...! Y a Loulou qui vient faire un tour sur son blog !
Namasté !....8-( .... ,:°)

jeff34 a dit…

Ouaih ! Je sais ! Deux commentaires supprimés parce que je me suis réveillé deux fois ce matin !