dimanche 28 mars 2010

MoMo Café du Marriott - MoMo Cafe, Mariott Hotel

Courtyard by Marriott Hotel, Gurgaon
Café du nouvel hôtel Marriott à Gurgaon, la "ville moderne" au sud de Delhi

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Owen a dit…

Wow, that's a change from the street scenes... did you step in there for some cool drinks ???

In the National Geographic magazine which just came out, the entire issue is about water, and scarcity of drinking water. There were a photo or two and some commentary about Delhi, I had no idea there were shortages of water already today for poor people in Delhi... And apparently with glaciers in the Himalyas melting fast, in years to come there may be even less water to go around in northern India...

So, the expo ??? How did it go ???

Anita a dit…