dimanche 28 mars 2010

Indian Souls Photography Exhibition/ Retour sur l'expo !

Done! The exhibition at the Canadian High Commission went well and Arnaud and I had lots of success. Especially since we displayed for the very first time (almost...) our brand new POSTCARDS!
This post is an opportunity for Special Thanks to:
- Arnaud, great owner of Random Shots photoblog, my photo partner for the event
- Jose, in charge of Club Canada, for his generosity
- Gina, for great coordination of the event (a charming lady!)
- Robert, chair of Canassist Society, for enriching cooperation, a nice encounter definitely
- all of the people, friends, families or anonymous, who kindly honoured us by their presence and sometimes contribution!
We will be able to give an interesting donation to Canassist Society(*).

Take care,

Canassist Society(*): comprised of volunteers from the Canadian High Commission and the wider Canadian Community in India, the Canassist Society is a voluntary organization that was established more than 20 years ago. They search out and provide funding to initiatives that enhance the self-sufficiency of women and children through health and educational projects.
To contact them: Canassist.Society@gmail.com, mob: +91 99 1194 9740

3 commentaires:

Álvaro a dit…

Congratulations! It´s very easy to success with your excelent images.
Greetings from Spain.

JL LEAL a dit…

Congratulations Loulou!!!!

Owen a dit…

Je suis bien content pour vous deux ! Et espère un jour voir les cartes postales de plus près... ah, si j'étais un peu plus riche j'aurais pris l'avion pour venir voir sur place... maybe next time ? C'est fabuleux en tout cas, bravo et FELICITATIONS ! ! !