lundi 15 mars 2010

Il y a des jours sans assortiment possible - There are some days when mix is not feasible

Today the seller will not sell any mix fruits juice
Aujourd'hui le vendeur de fruit ne proposera pas de jus de fruits mixtes

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Ann a dit…

Came from Owen's blog....your photography is awesome. I have signed to follow and am excited to see your next posts!! Will be going back to your blog take a leisurely stroll through your blog.

Grég a dit…

I like this picture. So typically Indian: A total shift between the promise and the reality.
It reminds me also of the real-estate advertissements you can see from the highways, right on the construction site.

Anonyme a dit…


Anonyme a dit…

Pas de choix, que du jus de fruit non mélangé , mais au moins pur !

TechnoBabe a dit…

Owen showed some lovely photos and told of his meeting with you and your children. Very nice. This picture is different at least to me. It says mix fruit drink but the sign below is almost as large and says no mix fruit drink that day.

BLOGitse a dit…

Greetings from Owen's blog and
from my blog -> Casablanca, Morocco where we visited at the weekend! :)

Nice to meet you!

Au revoir!


JL LEAL a dit…

Je,je pues yo le compraria algo aunque solo fuera por el grafiti de abajo.

Je,je I would buy something if only for the graffiti below

Loulou a dit…

@ Ann: welcome! please come back and enjoy! A window is open, India becomes yours ;-) thanks !

@ Greg: yep and... no comment
I know one Greg in Delhi, are you that one? ;)

@ Chat: (if someone could translate for me... I am lost in translation... "more intensity, more..intensity"

@ Suzanne: alors là pour ce qui est du pur, je n'y mettrais pas ma main à couper...

@ Technobabe : hi! thanks for your comment and visit. Surprising picture indeed... Incredibale India!

@ BLOGitse: bonjour, welcome and thank you for your visit. Liked very much your pictures, I don't know Casa yet, it is different from my imagination for sure. Modernity, modernity... in some ways.... See you

@ JL Leal: claro! muy guapos :-)

Nathalie a dit…

Mix ? Mais il n'y a que des oranges... Tu as raison, c'est un jour sans mix ! Au moins on est sûr que ce ne sont que des fruits de saison et de proximité, c'est bien.

Grég a dit…

Et oui, tu m'as démasqué!!

A bientôt <;o)