vendredi 10 juillet 2009

Aidez à Combattre la Corruption ! - Help Fighting Corruption!"

In front of some government offices in New Delhi
Devant des bureaux du gouvernement de New Delhi

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jeff a dit…

J'aurais bien aimé que le concepteur, réalisateur de ce panneau le rende accessible à tous ! ! ! Parfois, il y a des choses qui profitent à tout le monde.... .... .... !

robert a dit…

Thank you, thank you for this photography!
Before the birth of my son, the doctor asked for a 'small amount' of about 2,000 Euro, apart from all the times visiting him during the nine months, with always 80 Euro extra.
Corruption someting being very big here in Greece.

Anonyme a dit…

This is like culture shock to me, in a way. There is no public outcry against bribery, although our country calls it lobbying instead...influence by monetary gain or harrassing pressure tactics...all the same to me.

@eloh a dit…

I just hate it when people say..oh yeah , you think YOU have it so bad,, well listen to THIS......but really, I don't think anyone can out do the good old USA when it comes to corruption...most of them are proud of it...and the scale...oh well.

Babzy a dit…

I hope it's usefull !