dimanche 31 octobre 2010

Shri Shryam, Métier et Tradition - Job and Tradition

The best silver craft ever ;-) The picture for the address (please refer to previous posts here so as to admire their art...) but also as you will guess it, for the textured wall behind!!!
Le meilleur artisan-bijoutier travaillant l'argent :-) Cette photo pour la bonne adresse (se référer aux posts précédents ici afin d'admirer leur art...) mais vous l'aurez deviné, pour la texture du mur !!!

4 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

a door into time.

please have you all a good sunday.

daily athens

Oakland Daily Photo a dit…

A doorway burnished by time.

Traveling Hawk a dit…

An old and shabby place, where somebody tries to make some money. It looks sad to me and I'm sure the owner would like a less "textured" wall, if you see what I say...

Jidhu Jose a dit…

nice shot