jeudi 19 mars 2009

Fishing Boat, Goa

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Kishore Choudhary a dit…

Thank you!
Last time was in Rajasthan, an undelicate person stole my camera so I am not really in the mood to return over there these days.... but I really love that part of the world/India!

so sad
this time join me,
any way very impressive pictures

Loulou a dit…

Thank you very much.

Was with my family and it didn't prevent stolen bag (including CAMERA !!!) unfortunately....

Went on your blog, it is all in Hindi... Any English version available....? thanks

Kishore Choudhary a dit…

Hi Loulou ,
Don't bother about my blog its all about features and short stories but unfortunately its in Hindi only. thanks for replying , so sweet of you have a nice day/eve.