mardi 22 juin 2010

Le Marchand de Mangue - Mango Seller

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Owen a dit…

Funny, we just had mangoes with lunch today, which we don't often have here... I could eat mangoes every day !

I just passed this link along to Arnaud, but wanted to give it to you to, Loulou, just in case you might not have seen his work before, alot of which is from India, among other places. If you have a minute, do take a peek at some of the galleries, the portraits, for example :

Enjoy !

Clytie a dit…

We rarely get mangoes here ... they are so good. I like this man. I would buy a mango from him!

Anonyme a dit…

C,est tout à fait le brouhaha de la ville , et j'en mangerais bien une mangue !

Loulou a dit…

@ Owen, my dear friend! I do eat mangoes every day...shall I add twice a day... ;-) so goooooooood!

I am crazy about Steve Mccurry's art.........happy you like it too!

@ Clytie: yep it is such a nice fruit, not always good abroad. Most of the production here in Indian (millions of tons each year) are for national sales only!!!! ;-)

@ Suzanne: comme je te comprends ! Et je suis ravie de partager cela avec vous ;-)