mardi 30 décembre 2008

Isa Khan

Construite en 1547, la tombe octogonale d'Isa Kan (noble sous la cour de Sher Shah Sur, 1440-45) se situe près de celle d'Houmayoun dans le quartier de Nizzamudin à Delhi.

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Geraldo Maia a dit…

Hello Loulou,
Beautiful Images!
A very nice and peaceful new year to you and family.
Regards from Brazil:

Loulou a dit…

Hello Geraldo! Thanks a lot for your comment. Actually I have a friend currently visiting me in Delhi, his name is Nayen, he is from Recife Pe, which is not far from Natal apparently and he was so happy to see yoour pictures!!!!!

Have a wonderful new year in Brazil!